Name : Abdul Rahim
Age : 60
Illness : Chronic Hepatitis C
Before Hidayah HB :
  • Acites
  • Swollen legs; cannot walk
  • Poor appetite
  • Joint pains
  • Vomiting, often suffered fever
  • Forgetful
  • Loss of weight
After Hidayah HB : In his words:
After taking this liver tonic for 3 months, I experienced a visible change, such as my stomache and legs became less swollen, my apetite improved, and I became as energetic as I used to be, and able to go about my daily life as before.

Name : Che Takiru b. Ibrahim
Age : 30+
Illness : Cirrhosis
Before Hidayah HB : Body was always shivering, headache, tired easily, itchy scalp, often felt a sharp pain in the right side of the abdomen..
After Hidayah HB : In his words:
After using the product for a hundred days, the sharp pain on the right side of the stomach had disappeared. All other symptoms had also disappeared.

Name : Hajah Halimah bt Server Khan
Age : 50+
Illness : Chronic Swollen Liver
Before Hidayah HB :
Acute back pain
Dirty Urine
After Hidayah HB : In her words:
"After taking Liver Tonic for three months, doctors were surprised to see the drastic changes, where my liver enzyme count had gone back to normal, jaundice had disappeared and i became much more energetic"

Name : Nor Sidah
Age : 48
Illness : Fatty Liver
Before Hidayah HB : Easily tired, sudden loss of weight, loss of apetite. In addition, patient suffered from diabetes and had been on chemical medicine for too long. Her readings were: GGT = 354 IU/L, AST= 93 IU/L and ALT= 78 IU/L.
After Hidayah HB : After using the product for three months, apetite improved, body became healthier and more energetic, body weight increased. GGT, AST DAN ALT readings went lower. At this point, the patient stopped using Liver Tonic to concentrate on using medicine given by the hospital. However, after three months, there was still no change in her liver function readings.After that, she continued to use Liver Tonic. Her readingas as of this moment is as follows: GGT= 221 IU/L, AST= 50 IU/L DAN ALT= 61 IU/L.

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